Simon Gorsak

Simon Gorsak is 22 years old, a graduate of Victoria School for the Arts, he is the associate director of the Common Ground Arts Society as well as a member of the event staff at Avenue Theatre. Attending festivals, plays, concerts and workshops Simon learned the impact of Edmonton’s arts community from a very young age. Acting in plays and films from the age of 9 years old, he grew to understand the value of collaboration and creative expression. As an actor, director and producer of live shows and theatre, he has joined the Avenue team with hopes of transforming the venue into a space that sees more usage from all different types of performance.

Simon’s fondest memory of an event at Avenue: It’s a toss-up. Christian Hansen and The Autistics, or The Edmonton Show #2. They both were just so amazing, and in totally different ways.

Simon’s favourite pastime: Going to shows, big or little, bad or good, festival or solo musician, doesn’t matter.

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