Phil Varley

Phil Varley started volunteering his time in December of 2008 to help out his soon to be best friend, Jonny Jacques as well as to continue to grow and develop the hard music scene in the Edmonton area. Since then Phil has moved into a full-time role at The Avenue Theatre as the Operations Manager, COO of Gateway Screen & Press and Associate Director of Common Ground Arts Society. When Phil isn’t hard at work in one of these roles you will find him out on tour in one of his bands, MVCP or Deadbeat.

Phil’s fondest memory of an event at Avenue:For a ‘local’ show, SNIC at NCJC is something that will be impossible to forget. For a ‘Touring’ show it would have to be my first time seeing Doom Cannon with the Parkway Drive tour. Both were equally insane.

Phil’s favourite passtime:Going to shows to support my friends in their endeavors. Seriously.

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